Easiest Way to Make Baby Furniture Sparkling Clean

Easiest Way to Make Baby Furniture Sparkling Clean

Cleaning stains on your furniture are hard enough without having your infant add a couple more of them. Having trouble removing those persistent stains? When it comes to making your furniture sparkling clean, there are only a few methods that strike as efficient and valid.

If you want to find out what are best techniques for removing those nasty stains from food on your precious furniture upholstery, scroll down and start writing down. These stain removal recipes are hard to find so be sure to get the measurements right to get the maximum effect.

All the Right Ingredients

baking soda mixed with white vinegarSo first thing’s first, get one fl. Oz. (fluid ounce) of baking soda mixed with white vinegar into three oz. of warm water, salt and fabric softener solution. Mix those two up and start adding washing powder. If your upholstery material is sensitive you should use washing powder of highest quality.

Trust me you don’t want to cut on the expenses and damage the fabric.

Brushing Techniques

Now that you have the ingredients mixed together, get a towel and a brush to rub them in. Depending on the fabric you should use either hard or soft brush. Apply the mixture with a towel on the area of the stain and start rubbing in a circle motion.

Remember that you need to go clockwise and counterclockwise to get the most out of this technique. After the material absorbed your mixture, start using that brush and don’t go easy on that stain until it is completely gone. Try rubbing up and down, sideways and apply force when scrubbing otherwise it won’t have much effect.


Vacuuming baby roomNow comes the easiest part. Get you vacuum cleaner and add the widest extension to the pipe. Make sure that you replace the bag inside the vacuum so that the vacuum has the maximum suction. Wait for it to dry off so that the salt can absorb most of the stain.

Once it’s dry, set your vacuum cleaner on vibration (if you have the model that supports this setting), if not get a wooden plank and start pounding the stained area. It should remove the dried mixture and most of the stain with it. You might want to repeat the process several times until you achieve the desired effect.

Depending on what type of food or liquid ended on your furniture, you can repeat this process from two to four times until you have sparkling clean upholstery again.

DIY Carpentry Workshop Crafting Guide

DIY Carpentry Workshop Crafting Guide

CarpentryEveryone should have a hobby and if you haven’t found one yet, now is the time. A homeowner should be able to perform at least one handyman’s job, and carpentry can be one of them.

If you have spare time that you don’t know how to spend, why not invest in your future and learn something about crafting furniture. All you have to know about creating your own workshop to create furniture from will be included in this guide. So get you pen and paper and start writing down.

Basic Tools

The first part shouldn’t be hard. Getting the right tools and equipping your garage with carpentry machinery can be done with one visit to your local hardware store. Get a list of basic tools on your paper and head straight there. The next step is reorganizing your garage space and making room for a decent workshop. Presuming that you got at least an electric handsaw, a decent nail gun, and other essential tools you can start setting up your workshop.

Cutting Table Setup

Carpentry Cutting TableNow that you got the basic tools you can start by crafting your very own cutting table. This will be the base of your operations, so make sure that is wide enough and that it can handle the weight. You can order it online or purchase it in a store but what’s the fun in that? Since you’re serious about starting your private carpentry business (at this point when you bought all the tools you should be serious), make the cutting board wide enough so that you don’t have to make it twice or modify it in the future.

It should be of solid material so chose a hard type of wood that can withstand average weight at least. Now that you have everything settled you can start with your first project. Remember to put everything on paper first before you turn on the hand saw and start with the cutting. Don’t waste material. Everything can be used again all you need is a bit of creativity and improvisation. In no time you’ll have a decent workshop right there in your garage.

Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Furniture and Start Creating Your Own

Stop Wasting Money on Expensive Furniture and Start Creating Your Own

diy FurnitureEverything is possible once you set your mind to it, at least in theory. But seriously, think about every invention that was ever created. All of those famous people, inventors, scientists, they all started asking themselves a simple question – How can I contribute to society?

While some of them created cures for diseases, other focuses on making life easier by inventing contraptions that people are in need for in everyday life. This is how many professions came to be, and being that Carpenter is one of those professions that dates back to early modern period why not learn something about it?

Craft Your Own Furniture

The invention of furniture is an important part of our culture. It’s only natural that you should know something about it. And better yet use it to improve your life. You can create your own furniture, and all you need is a small workshop, a couple of tools and resources.

You don’t have to start by crafting complicated multi-shelve closet, but a pair of chairs or a dining table will do just fine. Think about all that money that you’ve spent on buying furniture as everything in your house at this moment came from a store.

Setting Up the Workshop

Workshop FurnitureFirst, you need to make a few rearrangements in your garage and create a small workshop. Getting a table to work on and a couple of tools will do. So head to your closest hardware store and get what you need to start. You don’t have to spend all your savings on setting up a professional workshop.

Get a couple of screwdrivers, nail gun, and other basic tools that a modern carpenter needs. And start small by putting a few pieces of wood to create a unique living room table. How hard can it be? After all, it only has four legs and a panel to place things on.

Once you create a couple of basic pieces of furniture work on your technique and style and soon enough you’ll be creating modern furniture.

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